Intensify Your Inner Glow

With The Amazing You treatment, we’re dedicated to enhancing, healing and pampering your skin—so you look and feel youthful and refreshed.

Whether you’re in need of a multi-step program to heal and repair, or seeking various beauty treatments to tackle smaller issues and preserve your skin’s health and resiliency.

We thrive on sharing our knowledge with each client as we develop a skincare regime designed expressly for you and your individual needs.

Here’s to beautiful skin!


(Preps the skin)


The Amazing You is designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth. Oxygen absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, resulting in a healthy glow. This customisable treatment can be tailored to cater to your skin and it’s needs. Regardless whether you have dry / oily skin or combination skin, this treatment is able to target whatever is needed, depending on your skin problems or concerns.


  • Painless
  • Zero Downtime
  • Increases skin firmness
  • Provides oxygen and hydration to all levels of the skin
  • Delivers deep penetration of the active ingredients & Skin-enhancing boosters into the skin layers thereby plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter, more luminous skin
  • Reduce appearance of enlarged pores
  • Leaves skin feeling noticeably supple and soft
  • Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level
  • Reverses the damage caused by free radicals (Antioxidant properties)
  • Visible results immediately & on-going improvement of skin complexion in the next few days

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